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We’re Carolina and Katia, and we’re here to guide you.


Our goal is to help you improve your mindset, reduce stress and burnout, and create the confidence to uplevel your life.

About Us

We are executive coaches.

Inner Growth Lab is lead by Carolina and Katia. Besides been executive coaches, they have different job as psychiatrists. This has led them to have ocean deep knowledge of mental health and transformative journeys.

We coach and counsel executives, medical professionals, and working professionals to live a life without burnout, stress, anxiety. The programs we’ve created provide immediate help to professionals who want to recover from burnout and take control of their lives.

Besides been coaches, we also are psychiatrists, authors, and public speakers by trade and focus on restoring vitality. Our coaching targets the four pillars: biological, psychological, social, spiritual aspects of human life.

Let’s work together to reset, reprogram, and rejuvenate your life.

Besides being a board-certified psychiatrist, she is an executive coach.

She has coached doctors in training and has traveled the world to teach community leaders how to help build strong and resilient communities.

She is also a published, peer-reviewed author in the area of epigenetics and brain disorders in aging.

As a coach, her life passion is to optimize human potential, focusing on health span rather than life span. With years of experience, she has developed a philosophy and approach for creating and sustaining a successful life no matter people’s age.

Now partnering with Katia, they founded Inner Growth Lab to offer tools for personal growth based on research, positive psychology, clinical experience, and her journey.

Katia is a physician, an international speaker, professional mentor, and coach. She is board-certified in psychiatry, addiction medicine, and obesity medicine. 

One of her passions and area of expertise is helping people change habits to improve their quality of life and well-being through evidence-based modalities such as behavior modification, skills development, and mindset optimization. Following her dreams, Katia partnered with Carolina and founded Inner Growth Lab with the vision to offer transformational experiences to anyone committed on becoming their best version yet.

She has also experience the slopes as a snowboard instructor and has played violin in a Chamber Orchestra.

What you’ll find

Discover your full potential.

You know you’re capable of doing better. We help you get there by navigating your inner self and resources.]

Master your life.

Find strength, confidence, and happiness in a transformative journey.

Live with passion.

Master and create an environment that follows your values and philosophies.


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